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Downtown Pittsburgh

The 2023 CWA Summit is held in downtown Pittsburgh, Pa.

The 2023 CWA Summit is held in downtown Pittsburgh, Pa., the week of May 15, 2023.

Downtown Pittsburgh

The venue for the 2023 CWA Summit will be at:


Located in Downtown Pittsburgh, the LEED® Platinum Certified David L. Lawrence Convention Center effectively blends unparalleled space, functionality, and flexibility to offer event producers, exhibitors, and visitors a location for an extraordinary event experience.

Be Part of History

In 2022, the CWA Summit left the state of Colorado for the first time, bound for Salt Lake City. There we set records for the biggest and best CWA Summit ever! More attendees, more exhibitors, and more meaningful sessions to help take the indoor climbing industry to the next level.

As an organization, we work hard to represent all our members. We will continue to take the industry’s premier indoor climbing event to areas near all our members. This year, we're heading to the Steel City of Pittsburgh; a gritty, revitalized, and emerging climbing city.

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2023 CWA Summit

Questions & Answers

What is the CWA Summit?

The CWA Summit is the largest annual gathering of the indoor climbing industry. Attendees and vendors travel from all over the world for training, professional development, networking, and industry-defining discussions.


The CWA is dedicated to the health and safety of all of those who choose to attend the CWA Summit while ensuring that face-to-face business and education can still take place. To that end, we are carefully monitoring the guidance issued by the CDC, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the City of Pittsburgh, and the David L. Lawrence Convention Center regarding COVID-19. Requirements of attendance are subject to change based on that guidance. Attendees should adhere to the following best practices:

  • Stay home if you are sick or have any symptoms of COVID-19 (including any variants of COVID-19) and get tested for COVID-19. In the case of testing positive immediately prior to the event, please reach out regarding our refund policy.
  • Vaccination against COVID-19 is required at the 2023 CWA Summit. During checking in, you will be asked your vaccination status.
  • Masks are optional at the event, but the CWA will have masks on hand for those who wish to wear one.
  • While indoors and near others, please respect physical distancing as recommended by the CDC.
2023 CWA Summit

Being a Good Neighbor

Learn about our commitments to keep you safe

Code of Conduct at the 2023 CWA Summit

Ground Rules (On & Off Premises)

Ground Rules


  1. Refrain from using speech that could be interpreted as homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist, religious hatred, or otherwise discriminatory. This extends to the Internet, as well as the CWA Summit app.
  2. No intimidation, bullying, or harassment toward anyone for any reason.
  3. No offensive, suggestive, lewd, or intentionally uncomfortable behavior, materials, or language will be accepted.
  4. No illegal activities or substances will be tolerated on or off premises.
  5. We expect our guests to embody our values of acceptance of people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe.
  6. Equal respect will be given to all guests gathered, despite roles, responsibilities, or credentials.
  7. All guests will approach interactions with one another with patience, empathy, and understanding.
  8. No interrupting, distracting, or otherwise derailing speakers, presenters, panelists, staff, or volunteers.
  9. Request permission to photograph booths, guests, or speakers outside of conference sessions. Be mindful that not everyone appreciates being photographed.
Open Door Policy
If you are ever concerned for your physical, mental, or emotional safety at the 2023 CWA Summit, find a staff member or volunteer. If the issue is involving a staff member, please contact our Board of Directors.